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Where to Stay

Live in Seclusion at the Sun Island Suites in Goa Gong, Indonesia

By on October 25th, 2015

After months of traveling or weeks of stressful work, sometimes all you need is a secluded place to unwind and re-charge.  Hidden away from the rest of the world, Sun Island Suites is the perfect solution.

We stayed in a tastefully decorated 2-storey luxury unit with 2 bedrooms and a spacious living area. It came complete with cable TV and all modern conveniences you’d expect in a luxury suite. You are also offered a full size private swimming pool with deck chairs. And a few steps further, a large communal grassed area, ideal for a ball game with kids, family and friends.

sun_island_IMG_3801-2 sun_island_IMG_3810-2

As with any place to stay, the best part is the amazing view you can enjoy whilst eating or lounging.  Here at the Suites there is a panoramic view of the gorgeous blue ocean with mountains to each side.  Every morning, I woke to clear blue skies and mesmerising views of Mount Agung, reflected like a mirror in the pool.


Breakfast was prepared by staff in the fully equipped kitchen each morning at a requested time. However, there was no onsite restaurant so lunch and dinner are up to you.  If you are feeling like spoiling yourself even more, you can even organise a surprisingly affordable personal chef during your stay so you don’t have to trek outside of the area to find lunch or dinner.


Staying at Sun Island Suites was the perfect retreat I needed from months of traveling and the everyday stresses life brings.  They staff was courteous, helpful, and was very pleasant in every transaction I had with them.  If (or when) I return to Goa Gong, I will definitely be staying here again!

Taken from: Travel with Bender

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