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Become a Local Travel Champion

By on April 26th, 2017

Nothing stands in your way of becoming a Travel champion if you know your city, or any other city that you love, you can start your way to fame today.

Walking tours are not a new thing on all the world’s major cities, the guided tours are now a growing trend, groups and individuals hire a guide to walk them in a city and provide in-depth explanations about certain themes in a city, it can be art or food, architecture or history.

Would it not be great if you could create your own travel guided walks in the city you love and know and share it with your friends? imagine walking in the footsteps of people you admire in their own cities and experiencing the city through their stops, the places that they love and the streets they like to walk in.

A new walking tour and sightseeing online platform make it simple for you to share your favourite routes in any city by publishing them, including your thoughts, general description and any information you like about the paths you take.

Simply go to routey.net and join, and after that head to your profile and start setting up routes, choose a couple of points you love in a city and connect the dots – choose a route that reflects what you love about the city, the best streets to visit, the most intriguing alleys to explore, the most beautiful parks and gardens to stop in on the way to the next point.

Show your followers how to explore the city, your way to and from the market, your favourite route between the park and the restaurant, the things you like to pass by on your way to the football match, all of these can be added easily for your friends, family and followers to see and experience for themselves.

Routey is a new way to travel, an individual experience that can be shared and given, a new way to walk in someone’s shoes, follow in their footsteps, and explore the world as they do.

A travel guide platform in which everyone can contribute and be inspired by the way others live and enjoy a city is yet another technical improvement that technology has provided the global traveler, the idea of personalized travel using a sharing platform is unique and new.



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