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Stay Longer Than Expected at the Mosaic House Hotel in Prague

By on November 6, 2015

Prague is an amazing city, where you feel inspired and in awe the whole time you are exploring.  The same goes for the Mosaic House Hotel.  Right when you walk into the hotel, you immediately feel a sense of awe.  With the look of modern comfort, and many lounge areas for guests to socialize and relax, this hotel is everything you need while traveling, and more.



Everything about the rooms is fantastic, with modern design, flat screen TVs, iPod speakers, mini bars, spotless bathrooms, it the perfect room to unpack everything and feel relaxed enough to feel at home.  Rooms also have an incredible view of Prague outside their window with a balcony to relax and re-charge on.



Aside from the bathrooms being super clean, the hotel is also super eco-friendly.  Every bathroom has recycled ‘green’ purified water (which is also heated), the kitchen uses 100% biogas and 100% renewable-source electricity, as well as installed solar panels on the roof.  This hotel is the first in the Czech Republic to be so eco-friendly and use all of these great technologies to help the environment.


While staying at Mosaic House Hotel, you can tell that the staff and owners truly care about their guests.  They do everything in their power to help make all of their guests stay as best as possible.  With the really friendly and helpful staff, and the amazing rooms and bathrooms, you will find yourself wanting to stay at Mosaic House Hotel longer than you planned!




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