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15 Crazy Dishes to Try in Asia

By on October 30, 2015

Let’s face it, a big reason we travel is for the food. Trying different foods is one of the best parts about exploring new places, aside from the sights and leaving the stresses of everyday life.  South East Asia is one of the better parts of the world to explore when it comes to crazy food.  From fried tarantulas to skinned frog, you will definitely find odd new dishes that locals eat.  Will you try some of these local dishes while you explore South East Asia?

1. Fried Spider in Cambodia


2. Fried Locusts in Thailand


3. Fertilized Duck (Known as Balut) in the Philippines


4. Excreted Coffee Berries in Indonesia


5. Chicken Blood Cubes from the Philippines


6. Ant Egg Soup or Omelet in Thailand


7. Tuna Eye in Japan


8. Bird’s Nest Soup in China


9. Snake Wine in Vietnam


10. Black Ivory Coffee from Thai Elephant Droppings in Thailand

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, THAILAND - DECEMBER 10: Lun, a Thai mahout serves a coffee bean mixture to an elephant at an elephant camp at the Anantara Golden Triangle resort December 10, 2012 in Golden Triangle, northern Thailand.The coffee is made from Thai arabica handpicked beans, taking 15-30 hours for the elephant to digest the beans, then they are plucked later from their dung and washed and roasted. At $1,100 per kilogram or $500 per pound, the cost per cup equals $50, this makes the exotic new brew the worldÕs priciest. It takes 33 kilograms of raw coffee cherries to produce 1 kilo of Black Ivory coffee. Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

11. Baby Mice Wine in China and Korea


12. Raw Horse Meat (Known as Basashi) in Japan

Basashi_by Andrez Bergen

13. Male Fish’s Sperm Sac (Known as Shirako) in Japan


14. Skinned Frog in Cambodia


15. Bowling Powdered Turtle Shell in China





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