December 2015

Where to Stay

Enjoy a Relaxing Lunch at Fah Tara Cafe

By on December 26, 2015

After having a superb massage, make your way to Fah Tara Cafe, located right next to Fah Lanna Spa.  With a mix of Western and Thai food, and the…

Where to Stay

Escape the City at Fah Lanna Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By on December 22, 2015

When traveling throughout Thailand, one of the best activities to experience is the traditional Thai massage.  Although this specific massage has a reputation for being unconventional and a bit…

Where to Stay

Feel Relaxed at the Chic Akyra Manor in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By on December 16, 2015

Traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand is the experience of a lifetime.  With its hundreds of beautifully detailed temples, amazing nature just 20 minutes away, and friendly locals, it is…

Where to Stay

Stay on the Beach at Silver Coast Beach Hotel in Ngwe Saung, Myanmar

By on December 3, 2015

After a busy week of sight-seeing and long bus rides, we decided to take a few days and relax at the beach.  We had heard how beautiful the beaches…