55 Secrets

55Secrets is a Travel Network created by António Araújo and Marina Arantes with an online reach of over 1 million person monthly combined.

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We manage are a network of travelers in love with the local traditions and always eager to find the best spots for you.

55 Secrets is a travel website for people like you. People that love to travel, but also love food, unique hotels, online business, art, and want to discover more of it while on the road.
We love all these things, too. And we were missing a website full of highly curated travel tips. So we built 55 Secrets to provide a regular source of the best travel related tips including the best unknown locations, insight from travelers and Digital nomads and a curated list for the best places to stay during your trips.

To keep it simple, we organize our travel guides into detailed lists of 55 activities selected and approved by locals. Sweet and short. With the best to see, do, and eat we could fit in one short stay. We ignore a lot of the usual recommendations, because we trust that you will find the obvious tourist highlights by yourself. Instead, we provide you with locations off the beaten path, tips from locals and ourselves. You can follow our schedule, or just pick a few of our tips and ignore the rest.


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