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Feel at Home at Riad Star in Marrakech, Morocco

By on November 4, 2015

Marrakech, Morocco is one of the most vibrant cities I’ve ever traveled too.  Immediately after you arrive, your senses are swarmed with wonderful smells, sights, and sounds.  There seems to be no order with everyone and everything running about doing their daily routines.  Riad Star is no different, in the best way possible.  There is no sign outside the hotel, no mention of its name. Just the number 31 and a doorbell. Yet while the outside is nondescript, the inside is anything but. Seven uniquely decorated rooms organized around a small internal courtyard, with the whole place decorated and themed around Josephine Baker’s life. This is because she stayed here while she visited Marrakech.  It’s not often you get to stay in a place that is part of history, and get the chance actually become part of the story itself.

Riad Star, Marrakech Medina, Photo by Alan Keohane www.still-images.net

Riad Star, Marrakech Medina, Photo by Alan Keohane www.still-images.net

The hotel itself is more than wonderful.  Although it is small, it is as elegant as the woman it celebrates. My room felt like a small apartment, with a separate seating area and bathroom including ornate silver mirrors and black granite countertops. Included in the price is a breakfast of eggs, yogurts, flatbreads, fresh fruit/juice & honey.  They also serve a delicious dinner that is just as marvelous as the city itself.

Riad Star, Marrakech Medina, Photo by Alan Keohane www.still-images.net


Staying at Riad Star was one of the best experiences during my stay in Marrakech.  The staff was so friendly they immediately made me feel like I had known them my whole life, they served delicious traditional Moroccan food that made me only fall in love with the culture more, and the decor of the place was just magnificent.  Everything about this place was perfect, I will definitely be staying here when I visit Marrakech again.




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